Birds for Sale

Contact Peter Karsten by email:  or telephone: 250 335 1640

Postal address : 5741 Stanehill Place, Denman Island, B.C. , V0R 1T0, Canada

The number of birds for sale is limited.  Birds are sold within Canada.  Pekin robins, European robins, and blue tits are bred regularly.  Please make inquiries by email or other means.

Important Note:

Pekin robins are listed in Appendix 2 of C.I.T.E.S. (Convention in International Trade of Endangered Species) since 1997. Transferring these birds across national borders requires import and export permit by the wildlife authorities of both countries.

Specimens must be bred to 3rd generation or greater in captivity to qualify for import/export.

While Peter Karsten is breeding this species beyond 3rd generation the birds are not exported to the USA or other countries due to the lengthy and costly permit and federal health certificate requirements. He suggests contacting national avicultural societies and bird clubs to search for birds protected under C.I.T.E.S. legislation within a given country.

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