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Pekin Robins (Leiothrix lutea)

Pekin Robins (Leiothrix lutea)

This is an informative site geared towards providing helpful information on husbandry and breeding of  birds with an emphasis on Pekin Robins and small softbills.  My aim is to advance the care and conservation-breeding of softbill species with a special focus on the preservation of Pekin Robins in aviculture for the private and public sector.

Pekin Robins are endangered (listed  in Appendix II of C.I.T.E.S.  since 1997), which controls commercial trade of the species. In addition, import restrictions due to events of avian influenza, make the importation of birds very difficult.  Pekin Robins are no longer available in the pet trade and the birds imported prior to 1997 are now at the end of the average longevity and breeding potential. The species is rapidly disappearing from aviaries outside South East Asia. Only concerted effort can keep this delightful species in our private or public aviaries. My primary aim is to contribute to the preservation self sustaining  populations in Canada and abroad, but not the propagation of Pekin Robins for the pet trade. However I may provide birds as companion birds which are not crucial for the breeding program.

I am dedicated to establish and maintain a breeding consortium for Pekin Robins. Read more about this under  Breeding Consortium.

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